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Are FACEBOOK ADS Right for your Business?

Learning and applying how to work Facebook Ads has become very integral to many social media marketing campaigns. These days only social media ad campaigns like Facebook ads can get your posts the sort of reach required to record marketing success.

Paid advertising on Facebook via Facebook ads has become the most effective way to use money to acquire money or post engagements among a host of other benefits which you’ll see right away.

  1. One of the major benefits of using Facebook ads is that they’re so easy to set up! Facebook has made setting up ads and managing them so very user friendly and time efficient that almost anyone can start using them at any time. The reports they provide you with are also great for seeing what types of audiences are most viewing your ads and how often to help you adjust and better your run times and budgets and get the most out of your Facebook ads. Ads on Facebook are seen by millions of people all over the world. If your products or services are world-wide, you have the benefit of reaching audiences all over and most of the time for a lot less than using paid ads with the major search engines.
  1. If your company is nation-wide or even just a small local business, Facebook allows you to target in on very small and specific areas to show your ads and even lets you decide which age group of people your ads would most appeal to. There are a variety of other demographics that can be custom tailored to best suit your target audience as well so you can always make sure the right people who will be most likely to seek out your products or services are seeing your ads always. Using Facebook ads may not initiate immediate sales, but the branding opportunity for your business is astronomical. Getting your name out there as much as possible is an important part of advertising.
  1. A benefit of using Facebook ads is even if your ad shows 1,000 time per day, it won’t cost you anything unless someone clicks on the ad and goes to your targeted landing page to take advantage of your ad or promotion*. Yes, making an immediate sale is always preferred, however since your ad is showing 1,000 times, that’s 1,000 more people that will see your company’s name that may not have before. If they don’t click, you don’t pay, but they still had a chance to see the products, services you offer, or a sale that you have going on with might spark interest for a future need. In a couple months, if the need for one of your products or services might arise and if your ad was appealing or catchy enough, they’ll remember to look you up again.

Whether you’re already on Facebook or just now considering it, hopefully you’ll think about the incredible opportunities that Facebook fan pages and using their advertising can bring to your company. For immediate sales and just for the branding to help ensure future customers, the few dollars or even less per day might be worth the potential for all that extra exposure.

* (CPC Campaigns ONLY)