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With over 2 BILLION daily active users it’s no wonder ‘Facebook ads’ are starting to catch fire. Everything is just so simple. You sign up for a business account (which is FREE), set-up your payment and that’s it you can advertise. The people behind the scenes at Facebook are BRILLIANT! They make their platform so easy to use that the average person pokes around a bit and genuinely feels like they can do it. I’m talking from experience too by the way. I all but donated my first couple of hundreds just ‘testing things out’ LOL what a waste. Needless to say I fell in love with Facebook Ads ( and marketing as a whole) and decided to take a few courses to become self-sufficient in my own endeavors.

I was handling a project for a buddy of mine who told me that there was a huge market for the services I provided on a site called Fiverr. I had never heard of it up until that point. So I signed up and created my first gig. Nothing happened. I ended up just deleting the app from my phone and never thought twice about it. Until one day I woke up to an email from Fiverr basically telling me I had just received an order  for $100 and I should get started on the work.  That leads me to this blog post….

The #1 Mistake DIY Facebook Advertisers Make

This lady who we will call ‘Linda’ was selling necklaces through a Shopify store. She had already ran some Facebook ads with little to no success and she wanted me to “fix” anything I seen wrong with her ads. Linda told me that something was probably wrong with her audience and she hoped I could make some tweaks and fix it. Boy was she right, something was definitely wrong. She had WELL OVER 20 different interests in her audience! There was gold chain, silver chain, jewelry, Kay Jeweler, shopping & fashion, online shopping, fashion accessories… *takes a breath* …necklace, silver necklace, gold necklace, handmade jewelry, costume jewelry… im sure you get the point. But incase you didn’t get it…This is ENTIRELY too many interests for ONE ad. If you split test each one that’s fine, but don’t cram everything you can think of  into one group when you’re creating your audiences.

Have you or are you currently doing this? Does it surprise you that there are thousands of Linda’s’ out there?

With over 100 clients served this is the most prevalent mistake I come across. The ‘If some is good more is better” metaphor will have you parting ways with your money faster than a speeding ticket. The good thing is that there’s a better, more efficient way to do this. Through custom and lookalike audiences, combined with flex targeting, marketing on Facebook could be a breeze. Not sure how to do this? Sign up below and I’ll email you my FREE ebook “How to Create Custom Audiences that Convert”. It also comes with a Facebook Ad checklist which is a DIY Facebook Marketer’s Cheat Sheet . If you’re not going to hire a professional, give yourself the best chance to consistently run successful campaigns with this valuable ebook.